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68.5 POS Entry Posting by using a Task

POS Entry Posting by using a Task

To set a task, you will need to go to the following:
Menu: NaviConnect > Task Queue > Task

And then from the Task Batch, creates a new line for running the task.

The codeunit to schedule the task to post the POS Entry lines is 6150631 "POS Post with Task Queue"

From the table, you can have fields like = Entry No., Type, Float Amount, Counted Amount Incl. Float, Calculated Amount Incl. Float, Bank Deposit Amount, Move to Bin Amount, New Float Amount and so on

C) The Bin Entry Checkpoint (Table 6150625) gives more details on what has happened. There you have a field Type, where you can get types of transaction on a checkpoint (X-Report or Z-report) as well as In-Payment & Out-Payment for the Payment Method.

The relationship to POS Payment Bin Check (Table 6150628) is shown in the field Bin Checkpoint Entry No.. This references is the link to Bin Entry Checkpoint (Table 6150625). There is a comment field which indicates what kind of action has been taken.

D) Then there is Table 6150624 that gives the balancing lines when a Z-report has been done.