NP Retail Support


Credit Sales Invoice by Mail & Print

Configuration Required:

Retail Setup

To be able to print a Retail Ticket for a Credit Sale, we need to activate it first in Menus: Departments/Retail/Setup/Retail setup

Customer Setup

You will need an email address for the customer & the document processing method set to Print and E-mail.

E-Mail server

The email server is set up in menu: Departments/Retail Add Ons/Pdf2Nav/E-mail setup.

You will need to configure the mail server & email sender.

E-Mail Template

We then need to setup what do we send by email. This is achieved by setting up a template. Actually in this templates we can formulate the wording we want to be show in the mail as well as which specification to be used for the Invoice
Menu: Departments/Retail Add Ons/Pdf2Nav/E-mail Templates

The mail & invoice will be outputted in the following format:

Receipt Ticket settings

Report setup: Departments/Retail/Management/Retail/Report Selection – Retail, select teh following:

By default, we have these two print templates. If you cannot find them, then go to Departments/Retail/Management/Print/Retail Print Template List and download the specification.

The last setup is to make sure that the print template is being printed on a ticket printer. This is set up in the Object Output Selection menu.

POS Sale

When doing t he sale on the POS, select the button Invoice Customer to create the sale invoice.