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Local User Rights

NaviPartner must have local Administrator rights to install the software for the solution.


Backup Solution

Solution 1:

A router with integrated 4G fallback, so when the cabled Internet connection goes down it automatically switch over to 4G.


Label Print (Zebra)LAN IP: FixedPort(s): TCP: 9100 (LAN - Outbound)
Payment Terminal (Adyen)LAN IP: DHCPPort(s): TCP: 443 (WAN)
Payment Terminal (Nets - PSAM)LAN IP: FixedPort(s): TCP: 1234 (LAN - Outbound)
Payment Terminal (Verifone Denmark)LAN IP: DHCPPort(s): TCP: 9600 (LAN - Inbound)
Receipt Print (Epson)LAN IP: FixedPort(s): TCP: 9100 (LAN - Outbound)

Internet speed

1-5 simultaneous usersMinimum 10/2Mbit
6-9 simultaneous usersMinimum 15/2Mbit
10-14 simultaneous usersMinimum 20/2Mbit
15+ simultaneous usersMinimum 20/2Mbit
Mobile Broadband per userMinimum 2/2Mbit


Baxi (Viking)



Port(s): TCP: 9670/9680

Port(s): TCP: 6001

BC/NAV RTC ClientWAN IP: ALLPort(s): TCP: Different Per Customer
BC/NAV SOAPWAN IP: ALLPort(s): TCP: Different Per Customer
BC/NAV ODATAWAN IP: ALLPort(s): TCP: Different Per Customer
FlexIITermWAN IP: TCP: 19000
ISL Light ClientWAN IP: TCP: 80/443/7615
NP DeployWAN IP: ALLPort(s): TCP: 7087
NP HelperWAN IP: TCP: 49000
NP System CallbackWAN IP: ALLPort(s): TCP: 7047
Remote DesktopWAN IP: TCP: 3389
TeamViewerWAN IP: ALLPort(s): TCP: 80/433/5938 UDP: 5938

Type of Connection

Stationary PCs must be connected with a LAN cable.


NaviPartner recommend that all POS/mPOS equipment running on Wi-Fi gets their own SSID.

Operating system

Microsoft Windows and components are supported by NaviParther until Microsoft product support stops.

Microsoft Windows 10 Pro (Microsoft Windows 7 support stopped 14 January 2020).


NaviPartner's solution uses up to 6 power outlets with ground per POS.

This depends on how much equipment is to be connected to the individual solution.


BackOffice/POS PC's

It is the customer's responsibility to ensure that all local data is backed up (documents, photos, e-mails, etc.).


NaviPartner does not help with installation of any third party software that the customer has installed.


Supported hardware

Barcode Scanners

Zebra CS4070 (bluetooth scanner)

Zebra DS2278

Zebra DS4308

Zebra DS457DS457 (self service scanner)

Zebra DS4608 (cable)

Zebra DS6878Zebra DS8178 (wireless)

Zebra DS9308

Zebra LI4278

Zebra LS2208

Zebra LS4278

Zebra LS9208

Zebra RFD8500

(table scanner)

Cash Drawers

All Models With A RJ11 Connection Cable

Credit Card Terminal


All Terminals That Supports Adyen Cloud Integration (Android 4.4 or newer, iOS 11 or newer and Windows 10)

Complete Terminal List


Ingenico Lane 3000

Verifone Denmark:

All Terminals That Supports WIM Integration (Windows 10)

Ingenico Move 3500


It is recommended that all printer are configued configured on LAN.

Receipt Printers

Epson TM-m30

Epson TM-P20 (mPOS printer, bluetooth)

Epson TM-P80 (mPOS printer, bluetooth)

Epson TM-T20III

Epson TM-T88VI

Boca Lemur-X (self service station)

Label Printers

Zebra ZD410

Zebra ZD420

Zebra ZD421

Card Printer

Zebra ZC300Magicard Pronto 100

Ticket Printer

Zebra ZT230

Zebra ZT411




Zebra ZD500R

Other hardware


Minimum resolution: 1024 x 768

RFD8500 (RFID scanner)

Impinj xSpan Gateway (RFID readers)

Impinj xArrary Gateway (RFID readers)

Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro (Android phone)

Zebra ZD500R (RFID printer)


Recommended hardware:

CPU: Intel i3i5


SSD: 120GB

Operating system: Windows 10 Pro 



Software: iOS 11 or newer versions


Hardware: Integrated camera



Software: Android 4.4 or newer versions


Hardware: Integrated camera

Warehouse Scanners

Motorola MT2070

Motorola P460