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Table of Contents

69 Guide – Pacsoft Integration Configuration
69.1 Create Pacsoft Online Account
69.2 Purchase Unifaun's ERPconnect – XML Posting
69.3 Configure initial Pacsoft settings in NAV
69.4 Configure Shipping Agents
69.5 Configure Shipping Agent Services
69.6 Test Setup

Guide – Pacsoft Integration Configuration

Create Pacsoft Online Account

Client needs to sign up from this URL (there's a button named Request):
Client must inform us the User ID and Password they use as login to Pacsoft. This essential for later steps.

Purchase Unifaun's ERPconnect – XML Posting

Client needs to purchase Unifaun's ERPconnect – XML Posting (can also be done by PM with login details).

  1. Log in to
  2. Change language to Danish (not visible when in English)
  3. Press Køb tilbehør
  4. Choose Unifaun's webshop
  5. Choose Flere funktioner
  6. Choose Unifaun ERPconnect – XML Posting til din webshop, below the headline Ekstra speditører
  7. Choose Til bestillingssiden and fillout company information
    1. NB: In Bestillingsformat choose XML-format
  8. Complete purchase

Configure initial Pacsoft settings in NAV

In NAV open the page Pacsoft Setup from Retail Add-ons > Pacsoft. Fill in the below information:

Configure Shipping Agents

In order to forward shipping references to Pacsoft you need to configure the agents in Shipping Agents at Administration > Sales & Marketing > Sales > Shipping Agents.

Configure Shipping Agent Services

In order to forward services to Pacsoft, you must configure Shipping Agent Services at Administration > Sales & Marketing > Sales > Shipping Agents > Navigate > Shipping Agent Services.
The following exemplifies a notification setup for Juvelgruppen.

Test Setup

  1. Create a dummy salesorder or process an order from a test-purchase from web. At Sales & Marketing > Order processing > sales Orders > New.
  2. Process order and verify if sufficient order details are forwarded to Pacsoft under Stored Printings (gemte udskrifter) from after logging in at